Tom Brosseau
Grass Punks

Released: 20th January 2014
Label: Tin Angel Records

‘Grass Punks’ is the first solo release in 5 years from North Dakota troubadour Tom Brosseau. After one listen to ‘Grass Punks’, and finding out it's his seventh studio album, I feel annoyed that I have been missing out on his voice and melodies for so long. Tom Brosseau writes and performs music that I absolutely love, and I can’t believe it has taken until now for me to hear these songs.

If you like music that is written from the heart, music that is built around delicate guitar playing and soft vocals, then ‘Grass Punks’ is an album that you need in your life.

The album is littered with highlights starting with the opening song on the album ‘Cradle Your Device’ which sees Tom deal with the subject of modern technology coming between human relationships, “You hardly even acknowledge my existence when you cradle your device”. ‘Stuck on the Roof Again’ is a song that makes you want to draw the curtains and keep the troubles of the world outside. The melodies in 'Today is a Bright New Day' are timeless, I love the way the song builds into an uplifting and inspiring chorus that will be sure to bring a smile to the face of many a listener. In ‘I Love to Play Guitar’, which is clearly something Tom does honestly love, you can hear the enjoyment throughout the infectious guitar strumming.

If, like me, Tom Brosseau has passed you by up until now, please don’t let another day go by without listening to this artist. 'Grass Punks' is an endearing album that you really should listen to.

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