Get By

Released: 2nd June 2014
Label: Howling Owl Records

If ‘Get By’ had been released twenty years ago I am sure we would be looking back on this album as being a classic. Listening to this album takes you back to that glorious decade of the 90s and you really have to slap yourself round the face to remind yourself that you are listening to a debut album from a young Weston Super Mare band called Towns. Primal Scream, Jesus and ‘The Mary Chain, The Charlatans, The Verve and Blur (circa Leisure) can all be heard throughout ‘Get By’.

Some of the many highlights on this album include ‘Trip Over’, which gives the album its first pop moment; the infectious chorus is more than enough to win over even the most casual of listeners. There is so much confidence and swagger echoing throughout so many of these songs including ‘Marbles’ with its soaring riffs, and ‘Just Everything’ where the vocals and music collide with each other in such harmony that by the time side one has come to an end you will be left in complete awe.

Highlights on the reverse include ‘Young At Heart’, and ‘Heads Off’ with its opening bass line making the song jump straight from your speakers and directly into your soul. ‘Everyone’s Out’ an epic song that showcases the musical talent these four possess. Every sound created has been carefully thought out to create a song that will blow your mind.

Towns have had to wait patiently over the last few years to get to the point where they can release an album. It has been an eventful journey which has included a tour manager running off with their money and their label getting swallowed up by a major. Thankfully they stuck together through the difficult times, and have given the world an album that needs to be heard.

Steve Tay

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