Wooden Arms

Released: 13th October 2014
Label: Butterfly Collectors Records

Wooden Arms are a six piece band whose music will leave you breathless and lost for words. Never a good place to be when attempting to write a review, but upon pressing play on the bands debut album ‘Tide’ I was quite simply stunned by the incredibly sounds that were floating around the room. I found myself just wanting to shut the curtains, let the rain beat against the window whilst allowing this majestic album to take over my entire body mind and soul.

The band undoubtedly have a classical music background and are very talented musicians, yet what they manage to do with ‘Tide’ is appeal to anyone who has a love for music, be it classical, pop, indie, folk, electro, it really does not matter what genre you naturally find yourself drawn to, this is an album that will naturally cross genres and can be enjoyed by everyone.

The fact there are only six songs made it incredibly difficult to pick out highlights, as each song is just wonderful. Although I would like to draw your attention to ‘December’ with its captivating piano and vocals, haunting melodies, spine tingling strings, powerful percussion and beautiful harmonies that all combine to ensure the listener will immediately fall in love with the album. ‘Vicenarian’ which conjures up feelings of optimisim and a belief that the day is yours for the taking. ‘False Start’ a song which manages to make sadness feel like the happiest thing in the world.

Wooden Arms have given us an album to treasure, ‘Tide’ is a real gem that you almost want to keep to yourself, but that would not be fair on the rest of the world.

Steve Tay

Martin Carr
The Breaks

Released: 29th Sept 2014
Ivan Moult
Second Guessing

Released: 8th Sept 2014
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