Zervas and Pepper
Abstract Heart

Released: 20th April 2015
Label: Zerodeo Records

‘Abstract Heart’ is the third album from one of my favourite bands of recent times Zervas and Pepper. I thought their last album ‘Lifebringer’ in 2013 was a masterpiece that would take some beating yet, after listening to ‘Abstract Heart’, it seems that what I thought was impossible has happened, Zervas and Pepper have yet again given us another album to treasure.

‘Miller’ opens the album with a soothing acoustic sound gently easing the listener into the album, the drums and lead vocals follow with precision and confidence. ‘Terraform’ is absolutely gorgeous, the vocals from Kath Pepper have a very 70s feel and, like many songs on the album, the arrangement throughout is perfect. ‘Foolish Dreamer’ makes every day feel like a summer’s day from which you never want to return as the uplifting melodies and vocals will brighten up even the darkest of days.

There are so many highlights on this album including ‘Reach Out’, you will be hard pushed to hear sweeter vocals and melodies than on this gem of a song. ‘Here and Now’ combines gentle and infectious guitar melodies with beautiful vocal harmonies which deliver thought-provoking and reflective lyrics, “Remember when you were young the solitary sense of wonder, the thirst for life”. ‘Laika’ is another song that takes you back to the 70s with its dreamy vocals and melodies and ‘We Are One’ is a life-affirming song that makes you feel you are not alone in this crazy world.

I could, in fact, have listed almost every song on this album as a highlight as there are so many stand out moments but, before leaving you to form your own opinions, I do need to give special mention to the closing track ‘Celestial Friend’ which sees Paul Zervas sing about death, losing people close to you at a young age and the notion that after death the spirit lives on. The lyrics in this song are sure to provide comfort to many.

Telling people how great I think Zervas and Pepper are is something I will never tire of. If you have yet to discover this great band you really can’t waste a minute longer; listen to Abstract Heart now, discover their back catalogue and I guarantee it will be time and money well spent.

Steve Tay

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