Alpha 9
Gone To Ground

Released: 11th March 2013
Label: Blow Up Records

If I were lucky enough to live for a thousand years or more on this planet there are some things I would never tire of. I will not bore you with the entire list but one of those things would certainly be that timeless, summery, jingle-jangle guitar music, full of harmonies and melodies, that can make even the darkest of days seem like the most beautiful summer's day.

Alfa 9’s second album ‘Gone To Ground' falls firmly into that category. This is music that has been done so many times before and is a path well trodden by the likes of The Byrds, Rain Parade, The Coral and The Stands. What Alfa 9 do so incredibly well throughout this album is not try to reinvent the wheel, the band wear their influences proudly on their sleeves and, in doing so, have given us an album that can be treasured by many a generation.

Highlights on the album? Well, for me and my love of this style of music, the whole album is one big highlight. From the opening track ‘El Morocco’ to the curtain closer ‘Ferry Sony’ I was 100% hooked, listening with a big smile on my face and counting down the days until summer arrives.

‘Gone To Ground’ is an album that I intend to return to on a very frequent basis and I would struggle to believe how anyone could not gain enjoyment from listening to this great album.

Steve Tay

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