An Awesome Wave

Released: 25th May 2012
Label: Infectious Music

When it comes to reviewing an album, I often try to find genres and similarities to liken artists to, however, upon listening to Alt-J’s ‘An Awesome Wave’ I simply could not find a category for this band.

The album is so fresh and exciting, I truly believe Alt-J are completely out there on their own. The album is a combination of so many beautiful and haunting sounds that leave you breathless and lost for words.

To pick highlights would not do the album justice. This is an album in the true sense of the word; a complete piece of art that has to be listened to from start to finish.

Alt-J are a band who put a great deal of effort into the songs they create. This perfection in their craft ensures this is an album that you will want to listen to a thousand times over and on each occasion experience something new.

There is no doubt in my mind that ‘An Awesome Wave’ will be a contender for album of the year and will definitely be on the shortlist for this years Mercury Music Prize.

Steve Tay

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