Released: 15th October 2012
Label: Navigator Records

Broadside is the fourth album from the exceptionally exciting Bellowhead. If you have had the pleasure of seeing this band live you will know exactly how exhilarating this band are. What makes Bellowhead stand out from the crowd is the way they are able to transcend that live experience onto CD, listening to this new album you can’t help but feel that Bellowhead are in the room with you.

Broadside is a collection of traditional folk songs that Bellowhead have given a new lease of life and, in doing so, instantly turning them into modern day classics. As with previous Bellowhead recordings, this album is a massive explosion of noise with a plethora of sounds crashing into each other at 100mph.

The album opens with ‘Byker Hill’ which will have you singing along at the top of your voice within thirty seconds. ‘Old Dun Cow’ has a darker dramatic sound that will be sure to command your attention throughout. ‘Roll The Woodpile Down’ opens with the beautiful sound of a fiddle and the song proceeds with an infectious chorus. ‘10,000 Miles’ is a sure contender for the most upbeat song of the year, this is a song that will bring a smile to the faces of all.

As the album continues we are treated to one highlight after another, ‘Betsy Baker’ is a beautiful song that will be sure to tug on the heartstrings. ‘Thousands Or More’ instantly grabs your attention with the vocal harmonies and the quick addition of the fiddles, there can be no doubting the talent of this band. ‘The Wife Of Usher’s Well’ is another dramatic song which has an end of the world feel to it. ‘Lillbulero’ is a song that sounds like a band having the time of their life in the recording studio. ‘Go My Way’ brings the album to a beautiful end with the string section bringing the curtain down on this wonderful album.

Bellowhead have delivered an album that fans will instantly cherish and, for anyone discovering this band for the first time, you are in for a real treat.

Steve Tay

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