Bloody Knives

Released: 30th July 2012
Label: Saint Marie

Sometimes a band can offer you something so unique it catches you by suppress and this is definitely the case with Bloody knives. Hailing from Austin, Texas they perfectly fuse industrial rock, shoegaze and bizarrely 8-bit.

Coming off like a hybrid between My Bloody Valentine and Crystal Castles they combine the spacey soundscapes and vocal stylings of shoegaze with the intensity and glitchyness of 8-bit electronica. Its a real onslaught with blips going off all over the place and with the drums/bass/synth line up it falls on the latter two to pull the weight. ‘Not Now’ comes on like boss music from Megaman 3, but highlights perfectly their use of electronica against the punk undertones.

The styles maybe a little juxtaposed for some but somehow they've made it work and its an album that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


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