Released: 30th July 2012
Label: Grape Records

Peggy Seeger may not be quite a household name in Britain but she really is a musical institution, having devoted the best part of 60 years to making grand folk music. Broadcaster on the other hand is a British experimental dance producer, so surely the idea that these two have teamed up for an album is a bizarre concept?

It is to some extents, but then some of the best dance music involves pushing people outside of their normal comfort zone. What Broadcaster has done here is craft the ideal soundscapes to fit in with Peggy's country croon, bringing to mind such other genre contemporaries as Death in Vegas.

The auto-tune of ‘Annie’ can be a bit grating but that’s about the only real lull in the album which manipulates throbbing low bass and dub sounds to craft something that little bit different. It shouldn't work but it does. The run time reflects this at just under 26 minutes, so it never outstays its welcome; it’s perfectly short but sweet.

So there you have it folk in a dance context, it’s not a album you'd lend to your Gran but hopefully it will open a new generation to musical styles that came before.


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