Bromide - Some Electric Sometimes

Some Electric Sometimes

Released: 25th June 2012
Label: Cargo Records

‘Some Electric Sometime’ is the new album from Simon Berridge aka ‘Bromide’ and his first studio album in 15 years. So has the album been worth the wait? I can confidently answer with a resounding yes. Writing and recording music is something that Simon loves to do, various twists of fate meant that Bromide did not succeed in the music world first time round. Thankfully though Simon has now returned to what he loves and in ‘Some Electric Sometime’ has given us an album to cherish.

The album opens with ‘Broken Record’ a soft warm sounding song that gives the album a real intimate feel from the off. ‘Hat To The Ride’ is a great jingle jangle song that is a real joy to hear. ‘Small Rewards’ has an infectious pop feel to it, that radio stations the country over should playlist.

Other highlights include ‘Nikki Sudden’ with its simple yet dramatic guitar playing, ‘Nothing’s Going In’ which would provide the perfect soundtrack to a summer’s drive and ‘We Are Reflective’, which is a beautiful song that everyone needs to hear.

I just hope we are not made to wait another fifteen years for the next release.

Steve Tay

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