By The Sea
By The Sea

Released: 12th November 2012
Label: By The Sea

By The Sea are a Liverpool band who have released a masterpiece of a debut album that you can listen to a thousand times over and never find yourself losing interest. This self titled debut album is the perfect way to bring the year to an end and make you reconsider those ‘end of year’ lists. The album sits comfortably next to fellow Liverpool band The Sand Band and has been produced by ex The Coral guitarist Bill Ryder Jones. The album has a nostalgic feel throughout, yet at the same time sounding exactly like what the music world is crying out for right now. From start to finish the album is full of echoing guitars and vocals that float deep into the atmosphere.

The album opens with the title track and, from the very first second, I guarantee you will go all weak at the knees as the combination of soft, beautiful vocals, gentle guitars and organ is quite simply perfect. 'Dream Waters’ starts off at a soft, ambient pace before grabbing hold of you with an incredibly catchy melody that will ensure this is a song to stay in your head for a long time to come. ‘So Long So Far’ gives the album a sing-a-long moment that you can imagine to be a real live favourite.

From this point on there really is no going back. These opening three tracks will become the start of your love affair with this band, an affair that will continue for life. Other highlights include the timeless ‘Waltz Away’, a song that will transport you back to the 60s and is likely to leave your whole body covered in goosebumps. ‘Wait A Day’ sounds like the best dream you could ever have and ‘Alone Together’ proves that this is a band that are not all about lush, soaring, ambient songs but who can also put together the perfect pop song. ‘Game Of Circles’ is the perfect ending, this song is full of heart melting sounds and harmonies that will ensure that you are left in a very happy place.

I have always believed that when it comes to music (and football) Liverpool has been a city full of incredible and unique talent. By The Sea are the latest treasure to emerge from this wonderful city.

Steve Tay

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