Released: 10th September 2012
Label: City Slang

For anyone who is already familiar with Calexico's work you can always rely on them to deliver the goods and on this, their seventh album since 1997s 'Spoke', they don't disappoint.

All the traditional hallmarks are there but with 'Algiers' Calexico are drawing a much more Latin influence with mariachi trumpets blaring out throughout the album, adding that little bit extra to their brand of laid back alt-country/folk. Hushed and sedate, the album has the ability to completely wash over you and immerse you in their world, transporting you 100 miles away without moving a muscle. Sure there are a few criticisms, for example 'Para' sounds a bit like a rip off of 'Paranoid Android' but that doesn't stop it from being a great track! If only more albums had closing tracks as beautiful as 'Vanishing Mind' the world would be a magical place.

Sure it may not be Calexico's best album but that surely says nothing as they've been making great albums for a long time and, judging by this, they aren't going to stop that any time soon.


The XX

Released: 10th Sept 2012
Passion Pit

Released: 23rd July 2012
My Tiger My Timing

Released: 2nd July 2012
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