Can You Hear the Silence?

Released:18th June 2012
Label: It's All Happening Records

‘Can You Hear The Silence’ is the debut album from Cinemawave, a London four piece who sound like they are clearly having the time of their lives. The band have spent the last three years playing over one hundred gigs and living the rock n roll dream. Well that dream is far from over, this is a band who have a very exciting journey ahead of them.

This is an album that will instantly appeal to fans of The Verve, Stone Roses, Kasabian and the like. The album is full to the brim with instant anthems that are just waiting to be unleashed on the world. The album has been perfectly put together, with a sound that is so crisp and polished. This comes as no surprise when you see that Paul Tipler who has worked with The Charlatans and Idlewild has produced the album.

The opening three tracks ‘Rocket Science’ ‘Desert Storm’ and ‘Monsoon Love’ leave you with very little time to catch your breath. The real standout moments on the album are ‘Miracle Machine’ and ‘Ocean Passage’ both of which have a very Richard Ashcroft feel and are songs that you will want to listen to a thousand times over.

‘Can You Hear The Silence‘ is an album that will instantly appeal to many, and will hopefully set Cinemawave on the road to success.

Steve Tay

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