City Reign
Another Step

Released: 25th February 2013
Label: Car Boot Records

City Reign are the latest indie guitar band to emerge from Manchester, a city steeped in great musical heritage. Listening to this debut album ‘Another Step’, you can hear that distinct Manchester sound running through the album, sounds of The Smiths, Doves, New Order and Oasis resonate throughout. With it's anthemic sound, soaring melodies and confidence, ‘Another Step’ is an album that could only have been recorded in Manchester.

‘Anchor’ opens the album in a perfect way, the soaring melodies, tight rhythm section and lyrics sung with meaning all instantly grab your attention. The explosive guitar riffs and memorable chorus of ‘Making Plans’ clearly show why Steve Lamacq named City Reign as one of his favourite new bands. ‘Out In The Cold’ is held together with passionate drumming which is a theme running through many songs on the album, ‘See What It’s Worth’ is another fine example of a drummer giving it his all.

The album provides us with many anthemic moments. ‘The Line’ is one of those songs that is waiting to be unleashed on the big arenas, ‘Retaliate’ is an emotional, stripped back affair which gives the album a moment of real tenderness and ‘Ahead Of Ideas’ shows that this is a band who clearly care and love what they do, you can hear the belief and passion in every sound that is made during this song.

City Reign continue in the footsteps of their peers from Manchester, in that they live and breath the music they create and nothing else matters. This is a band who are going to be with us for a very long time.

Steve Tay

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