The Cribs
In the Belly of the Brazen Bull

Released: 7th May 2012
Label: Witchita Recordings

For anyone who's been following The Cribs for any period of time you will be able to chart the rise of craft and skill that there song writing has. This album continues the trend by throwing in a few orchestral backings to bulk up that fuzzy Cribs sound. This album is proof (if it was needed) that the cribs don't need Johnny Marr and are actually better as a three piece.

Lead single ‘Chi Town’ was produced by Steve Albini, and hinted that they were returning back to the scuzzy rock that launched their career, but they've come a long way since then and you can feel the maturity in tracks like the acoustic offering ‘I Should Have Helped’. All of the best Cribs elements are packed in, including all the "whoa-whoa's" and the fuzzy feedback which should please fans both old an new.

The cribs get more and more slick with each release and after 5 albums to still be on the ascent of making great albums they are destined to be a band that never fades away.


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