Endless Flowers

Released: 4th June 2012
Label: Souterrain Transmissions

When it comes to creating an album the first three tracks are of immense importance. ‘Endless Flowers’ the new album from San Diego’s Crocodiles, certainly follows that rule.

Title track ‘Endless Flowers’ opens proceedings with fuzzy guitars, uplifting melodies, and vocals that have a striking resemblance to Julian Casablancas creating a perfect Indie pop moment. ‘Sunday Psychic Conversation 9’ comes charging at you at 100mph and will have you dancing around without a care in the world and ‘No Black Clouds For Dee Dee’ is a beautiful song that you never want to end.

From this point on, if you weren’t already, you will be completely devoted to this band. Other highlights on this great album include, ‘Electric Death Song’ which is sure to become an indie anthem. ‘Hung Up On A Flower’ has a very hypnotic feel to it with vocals and guitars that echo and reverb in such a wonderful way. ‘Bubblegum Trash’ a track overflowing with pop sensibilities; the chorus has a very suede esque sound to it.

‘Endless Flowers’ is an instant indie classic that you will never tire of. This is an album that is guaranteed to be included in many an end of year chart.

Steve Tay

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