The Crookes
Hold Fast

Released: 9th July 2012
Label: Fierce Panda

‘Hold Fast’ is the second album from Sheffield’s finest, The Crookes. If you have yet to be introduced to this band, they write perfect Indie guitar pop songs which deserve to be sat firmly at the top of the charts.

‘Afterglow’ kicks off the record with its opening drums and guitar riff instantly marking it as an Indie classic. ‘Maybe In The Dark’ has a very romantic feel to it, this is a band who are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to songwriting. ‘Stars’ is a lovely song that drifts into a classic chorus and becomes a song you will listen to over and over again.

The album continues with songs full of melody, romance, hooks and moments that you will cherish.

Further highlights include ‘American Girls’ which sounds like it has come straight from the 1950s. ‘Hold Fast’ is a song that should feature on radio playlists across the land. ‘Sofie’ builds into an infectious and memorable chorus that will have everyone singing along. ‘The I Love You Bridge’ slows things down and provides the album with a beautiful and tender moment whilst ‘Collecting Skies’ is a dreamy song to end a wonderful album.

Once again The Crookes have given us an album to hold close to our hearts. With bands like The Crookes we can rest assured that Indie guitar pop is in very safe hands.

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