Damn Vandals
Done For Desire

Released: 23rd July 2012
Label: Sexybeast

‘Done For Desire’ is the debut album from Damn Vandals, a band who have been causing a great deal of excitement amongst music critics following the release of their ‘Beautiful Mind’ EP in February.

The album comes charging at you at such a ferocious pace you barely have time to catch their breath. The album is full of powerful guitars, and passionate vocals that make you believe in every word that is being thrown at you.

The album opens with ‘Revolution/Rehearsal’ and instantly lays down the intent of the album. ‘As Seen On TV’ continues with a more grunge sound reminiscent of that early 90‘s sound. The lyrical content of the song highlights the bands observational approach to writing as they commentate on the influence that TV has on the world.

Further highlights on the album include ‘King Of Never’ which combines heavy and soft rock, and has a real anthemic feel to it. ‘This Amazing’ is an infectious song that has radio potential stamped all over it; this has to be a single! The album closes with ‘Beautiful Mind’ a perfectly constructed dark and moody number.

Damn Vandals are without a doubt a great talent who have an undying passion and belief in the music they create.

Steve Tay

Damn Vandals
The Beautiful Mind

Released: 27th Feb 2012

Live | Damn Vandals

Underbelly, London
1st Mar 2012

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