Darwin Deez
Songs For Imaginative People

Released: 11th February 2013
Label: Lucky Number

Let's face it Darwin Deez doesn't exactly look like a pop star, but after his 2010 debut album it was clear that he was a gifted song writer capable of making some great indie tunes.

This follow up is in some ways more of the same but a little more scrappy in its approach. The songs on offer here aren't as immediately loveable but will slowly begin to burrow their way in, making it a more rewarding album. Where the first album could, in some ways, be called a little samey here it's anyones guess as to which direction a song can fly off at, whether it be with a scruffy guitar solo, some Prince-esque funk or some scrappy gang of four guitars, it's captivating. Once again Darwin's song writing contains the same dark humour that was littered through his debut, but with the kind of instrumental arrangement that can only bring on warm, sunny feelings.

He may look a little like a loserish outsider but it's something he embraces and it makes his albums all the stronger for it. Where his first album was an immediate warm, loveable pop album this is more jagged and rough around the edges but it will still eventually earn your love.


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