Koi No Yakan

Released: 12th November 2012
Label: Warner Bros

The Deftones seventh studio album once again shows why they have outlasted all of their peers and imitators. Their follow up to 2010s Diamond Eyes sees them further pushing the sounds they had developed into new territories whilst still remaining true to form.

As always their 2000 master work White Pony is going to get a mention and, why not? It found them at their peak and at a height they would struggle to achieve again for a decade. But now it feels like they've found the keys to the chest and are achieving those startling highs once again. Kicking off with the bouncing riff-heavy 'Swerve City', showing they still have a skill for a great chunky riff, but it's also the atmospherics that weave the album together. 'Entombed' perfectly shows off the cosmic atmospheres before it all comes crunching in. It really is an exercise in controlled aggression, the perfect peaks and troughs of the album and Chinos vocals at the centre of it all, from a whisper to a roar it all sounds perfect.

It is such a concise album that you could put it on repeat for a whole day and continue to find something new and never get bored, and it takes something really special to do that.


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