Lesser Evil

Released: 25th February 2013
Label: Souterrain Transmissions

Recently Canada really has been producing some of the best music in the world. Then again it always has but the recent crop has all be so consistent that it should be of little surprise that the Doldrums debut is great!

For anyone who got a copy of last year's 12" 'Egypt' or heard the Grimes track that 23 year old Airick Woodhead contributed to then, like me, you were probably pretty excited to hear if it could be stretched to a whole album. In some ways it doesn't, or rather shouldn't, as the track uses so many conflicting rhythms and glitches and seems to pull you a hundred different ways at once, but somehow all perfectly working together to craft an intricate patchwork of an album. His androgynous vocals at times hint towards Bjork-esque which float above the complexities below, whether it be the shimmering rhythms of 'Lost in Everyone' or the Crystal Castles style onslaught of 'She is the Wave' it just works…or doesn't, it really does depend on the mind set that it catches you in. Surely though, thats the mark of a truly good album, something you can get lost within and find something new on each listen and, with each listen, the love will grow.

It's always difficult when someone who is primarily a producer steps up to make an album, but it's when they make an album as good as this that you know that they posses a special talent. It's very early days but it's a contender for album of the year and also a confirmation that to discover the best new music we should all pack our bags and emigrate to Canada.


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