Fantasy Rainbow
Bos Taurus

Released: 5th November 2012
Label: Heist or Hit

‘Bos Taurus’ is the debut album from a Manchester Indie collective led by Oliver Catt. Listening to the album it does not take long to appreciate the talent within this band. ‘Bos Taurus’ is an album full to the brim with infectious and loveable Indie pop songs that many will instantly find a place in their heart for.

‘Soda Stream’ opens the album with an incredibly infectious guitar hook ensuring that the listeners attention is instantly achieved. ‘Condominium’ is everything and more you could ask for from an Indie pop song, with a combination of melodies and a chorus that will be swirling around your head for a long time to come. ‘Nothing But’ combines dark lyrics with such a cheerful sound that will be sure to bring a smile to the face of many. ‘Ear Wax’ opens with guitar riffs that show this band could be destined for the big stage whilst ‘Porta’ is a track that draws comparisons to The Shins, this is such a great indie song that you will never tire of.

Further highlights on the album include ‘EZ Coast’ which provides the album with a beautiful laid back moment, ‘O, Weirdo’ an irresistible song with a charming melody and reflective lyrics “Just trying to fill the gap between life and death” and ‘Tooth Ache’ a perfectly constructed song, bringing this very fine debut album to an end.

Fantasy Rainbow have given us an album that will give us a great deal of pleasure over the forthcoming years. ‘Bos Taurus’ is an album that will be one of my contenders for debut albums of the year.

Steve Tay

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