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Freedom Music

Released: 8th August 2012
Label: Trojan Records

Could there be a more fitting way to celebrate the 50 years of Jamaican independence than with a box set from the champions of Reggae, Trojan? What is clear from the start is that this box-set is pretty comprehensive at 5 discs long, 108 songs, a joint run time of almost 6 and half hours and a 52 page accompanying booklet on the history of Jamaica and its musical heritage. It’s safe to say you get your money’s worth (and that’s before the bonus disc you can get by registering your purchase!).

Each disc is split into different headings with disc one being most fittingly titled 'Freedom Sounds' featuring fantastic tracks from the likes of Culture, The Heptones, Lloyd Charmers, Burning Spear and of corse Bob Marley & The Wailers.

Disc two is 'Jamaican Hits' which features tracks from over 30 years worth of hit-makers, and it’s truly with this disc in particular you can see why reggae and ska have been such far reaching musical influences and appeal, from Derrick Morgan's opener 'Forward March' right through to Beenie Man's disc finale 'Slam' at no point are you not treated to real classics.

Discs 3 and 4 are split between ‘Pioneers’ and ‘Innovators’ respectively, highlighting the variation in the genre and show the pioneers of that Dub sound that so many acts are deeply indebted to these days.

Fifth and final disc is 'Forgotten Treasures', and contains tracks that have never been available outside of Jamaica before including Toots and the Maytals 'Fa Fa Fa Fa' and an exclusive mix of the Pioneers great 'Let your Yeah be your Yeah'.

It’s an album that has enough on offer to please the purists with it’s exclusive tracks and extending mixes, but its also an album that would offer a great introduction to anyone who is just interested in immersing themselves in the genre.

Happy Independence Day Jamaica and thanks for all your culture!



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