Frightened Rabbit
Pedestrian Verse

Released: 4th February 2013
Label: Atlantic

There has always been something truly cathartic about the Scottish accent and this is especially true of the vocal stylings of Scott Hutchison. Over the course of three albums Frightened Rabbit have truly come into their own and you can really feel the progression they have made every step of the way.

The whole album is injected with what can only be described as a positive melancholy, from the opening line of "I am that dickhead in the kitchen/Giving wine to your best girls glass" right through to the closing lines 'We've still got hope so I think we'll be fine/In these disastrous times, disastrous times", it all feels word and note perfect. Lyrically it's as strong as ever and all of the traits are still there but more finely honed.

There's always the concern when a much loved indie band makes that major label crossover, but all it's done here is help Frightened Rabbit make a broader, more appealing sound, but all of those foundations have been building for a long time.


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