Gaggle - From the Mouth of the Cave

From the Mouth of the Cave

Released: 25th June 2012
Label: Transgressive

It's probably not the easiest of things to sell people on, a contemporary twenty-one piece all female choir. Obviously it’s easy to see where the scepticism lies since when you hear the word choir it surely conjures images of churches, fusty old men and rolling Welsh valleys but Gaggle are here to show it doesn't have to be that way.

The album flits between a variety of styles but all of them are centrally pinned by the fantastic harmonies. Wether it’s the alt-poppy nature of ‘Power of Money’ the call response style of ‘Army of Birds’ or the eery ‘Liar’ (which wouldn't be out of place on Nick Cave's Murder Ballads) it’s constantly captivating. It’s a powerful album rife with tribal influences and truly taking pride in being different, which brings to mind the only possible touch-stone band, Animal Collective.

If you can get off the whole choir aspect then you will be rewarded as it’s completely hypnotic and will surely suck you into their world.


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