Released: 10th September 2012
Label: PIAS Recordings

In music it can be pretty hard to lose a member but surely none more so than your vocalist, I mean this is the person who stands out front and is the main focus of attention. So, when Frank Carter announced he was leaving Gallows, questions had to be asked as to if that was it. This was not to be the case, managing to snare Alexisonfire vocalist Wade MacNeil to take his place.

Replacing Frank's distinctive snarl with Wade's powerful bark is a move that really gives this album a punch, and anyone who feared they may stray down slightly more emo routes can lay those fears to rest. It's equally as venomous as anything else that came before but a bit more straight ahead hardcore than their last outing 'Grey Britain'. Tracks like 'Outsider Art' and 'Odessa' are prime examples of just how well they know their way around a great punk song and for anyone entertaining the idea of missing Frank, that will be completely forgotten by the end of opening track 'Victim Culture'.

Calling the album 'Gallows' feels like their attempt to show that this is a new beginning and it perfectly represents that they are already a well oiled machine.


Bloody Knives

Released: 30th July 2012

Released: 7th May 2012
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