The Gaslight Anthem

Released: 23rd July 2012
Label: Mercury Records Ltd

Sometimes the mere mention that a band has a stadium sound is enough to sour some people, but those people would be fools. The Gaslight Anthem are the true heirs to Springsteen's stadium crown as they to have the potential to reach every single person even in the biggest of crowds.

This their fourth album finds them at their finest form. 2010's ‘American Slang’ was a real triumph, full of heartfelt larger than life rock songs, but here they are even more finely honed but at no point do they ever forget where they came from and thats what really helps this album feel important.

Kicking off with the lead single '45' which doesn't depart to far from previous efforts but still packs the kind of punch you want from an album opener. 'Too much blood' is a slightly grungier number with Brian Fallon's vocal range giving Chris Cornell a run for his money. 'Biloxi Parish' is an epic number with face melting solos. The album comes to a climax with the beautiful acoustic 'National Anthem', this really is redemption music and it feels like it will cleanse your soul.

Its an earnest effort and truly shows that The Gaslight Anthem deserve to be the biggest band in the world, lets hope this album makes everyone give them the attention they deserve.


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