George Harrison
Early Takes Vol. 1

Released: 30th Apr 2012
Label: G.H. Estate LTD

Many a debate has been held over the years regarding who was the most talented Beatle. I for one have often changed my mind over the years, I have gone through periods of complete devotion to Lennon, then I will change to McCartney, and before I know it I find myself arguing that Harrison was the most talented. What is for sure is each of the fab four, Ringo included had such an immense talent, something that we have not seen since. How many bands split and then each member goes on to have incredibly successful solo carers?

With this new release from George Harrison, we have a collection of songs that showcase the beautiful soul of George. He was often described as being the quiet, spiritual, creative Beatle and that is something that certainly shines through each recording on this collection. This album features ten early recordings of songs that have previously been unheard by the world. I am so grateful that they have finally been released so we can hear the magic of each of these songs. Each track is stripped back to an acoustic guitar and Geroge’s soft, beautiful voice.

The album is one big highlight from start to finish, although stand out tracks would have to include the demo of ‘My Sweet Lord’. To hear one of the greatest songs ever written in this early demo recording is a real privilege. On ‘I’d Have You Any Time’, George’s voice is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. ‘Let It Be Me’ is arguably the greatest love song ever written. George was a songwriter who was never afraid to put his emotions and feelings into a song, that can clearly be heard as George sings “Each time we meet love, I find complete love, without your sweet love, what would life be?”. ‘All Things Must Pass’ is another moment where you just have to stop everything that you are doing and allow your whole body and mind to be taken over by this great man.

Early Takes Volume 1 is quiet simply a must for everyone, be you a George Harrison obsessive or a fan of music in general. This is an album that would enrich any record collection.

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