Hatcham Social
About Girls

Released: 16th July 2012
Label: Fierce Panda

‘About Girls’ is one of the greatest indie guitar pop albums I have heard for quite sometime. This second album from the very fine Hatcham Social is full of hooks, melodies, enchanting and charming vocals and is a real privilege to listen to. The album is full of indie anthems that are just waiting to be unleashed on the world.

‘NY Girl’ opens the album with energy and confidence, its bass line pounding and guitars bouncing off each other brilliantly. ‘Nicola Tells Me’ introduces a much more melodic sound to the album, as the song builds quickly into an infectious chorus. ‘Lois Lane’ provides a perfect indie pop moment and truly deserves to be play-listed by every radio station across the land.

Further highlights include ‘Like An Animal’ which is another track that instantly makes its way into a chorus that you will be singing along to at the top of your voice. ‘Dance With Me’ is a charming song that has a very Brit-Pop sound to it. ‘Escape From London’ has a slightly darker and moodier sound showcasing the diversity of the band, whilst ‘Would You’ shows that when in the right hands pop music can be a wonderful thing.

Hatcham Social are the very band that pop music is crying out for right now, I just hope this album gets the recognition and sales that it deserves.

Steve Tay

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