The Hepburns
There Is No Such Thing As The Hepburns

Released: 27th January 2017
Label: Radio Khartoum

There Is No Such Thing As The Hepburns is the latest album from Welsh band The Hepburns, a band who first appeared at the end of the 80s. I wish I could tell you at this point how cool I am and that I have been following this band from their first release until the present day, but sadly I can’t. My introduction to The Hepburns came when I recently heard ‘Little London’ on Adam Walton’s Saturday night show on BBC Radio Wales; I spent weeks with the tune dancing around my head and knew that I had to find out more, so for me this new album was the perfect place to start.

The album begins with ‘Silence’, a warm, comforting and reassuring song that makes you instantly feel comfortable in the company of the band. ‘Little London’ follows and, for me, is a perfect example of what pop music should be, melodically brilliant with lyrics that say and mean something. ‘Black Trampoline’ follows with gentle, acoustic sounds and vocals that float gracefully into the sky.

There Is No Such Thing As The Hepburns continues with one outstanding pop song after another. Researching the band I came across many references to Burt Bacharach and, from what I have heard, can confirm that is not without reason, The Hepburns are first class honours graduates from the school of Bacharach himself.

Further highlights include ‘White Dog’, a quirky, uplifting tune that will be sure to put a big smile on your face. ‘Run Fox Run’ is a beautifully written song from the perspective of a fox, “I often wonder what it’s like to see the world by moonlight, The yellows, oranges and reds, replaced by silvers, blues and whites”. If anyone tries to tell you that pop music is dead then direct them to ‘Conversation Robot’, people do not write pop music like they used to so please feel free to passionately sing in their faces “Did he orchestrate the ruination of the Welfare State? You can’t blame him for being greedy when the rich and the powerful trample on the needy, however they spin it they couldn’t care less”. ‘Girlfriend’ is a dark song wrapped up in a mixture of cheerful and sinister sounds and ‘Working Weekends’ is a great song about wanting to be part of something and accepted by others.

There Is No Such Thing As The Hepburns is one of those albums I defy anyone not to like. How can anyone not like pop music that observes everyday life, tells tales that we can all relate to wrapped up in melodies that leave you feeling happy from the inside out?

Steve Tay

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