Hey Colossus
Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo

Released: 1st April 2013
Label: MIE

Most bands after their eighth album in ten years start to show signs of slowing or losing some of the consistency that their early work promised and, hey, who can blame them? But that is not the case for Hey Colossus as this is probably their most consistent and best album in what has been a career of consistently fantastic albums.

Opening proceedings is the trudging behemoth of 'Hot Grave' which just levels everything like a bulldozer before 'Oktave Dokkter' come lurching in with its Sabbathy bass riff. This is all before we get to the central 10 minute epic of 'How to Tell Time with Jesus' which is a swirly, crazy, trance-inducing collage of kaleidoscopic noise, hypnotic in a way Derren Brown would be proud of. Two more heavy belters before everything is brought to a close with 'Pit and Hope' which opens mildly for Hey Colossus, but there is to be no respite here as it opens up and the insane ramblings begin and giant chords come tearing through.

This album is so good that it makes other bands seem lazy and makes you question why everyone can't put out eight records that are constantly evolving for the better. Then again maybe it's best that skill is left to the privileged few.


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