James Iha
Look To The Sky

Released: 5th November 2012
Label: The End Records

It's been almost 15 years since Smashing Pumpkins co-founder James Iha last graced us with a solo album but that's not to say he hasn't kept himself busy. Composing film scores and teaming up with various different artists have really come to fruition on this album, especially with the amount of guest contributions. These contributions range from members of Beirut, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Television and Guided by Voices to name but a few.

Unlike his more nasal former companion in the Pumpkins, Iha's vocal is very hushed almost to the point of a whisper. Musically it's equally as gentle but showing a diversity of styles, adding some soft synths to folk or even a bit of blues rock. The tracks all have a glimmering pop heart which showcase his skills as a song writer - if it was ever in doubt from the man who penned 'Mayonnaise' from Siamese Dream.

Look to the Sky is laid back and could almost be described as sleepy, which in some instances can almost border on boring. But it's an album for a time and place, it's not the sort of thing to start parties but perfect for the times when you want something a little more dreamy.


Tall Ships
Everything Touching

Released: 8th Oct 2012

Released: 10th Sept 2012
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