James J Turner
How Could We Be Wrong?

Released: 24th September 2012
Label: Touch The Moon Records

‘How Could We Be Wrong’ is the new album from Liverpool born and bred singer songwriter James J Turner. James has been around the Liverpool music scene all his life, playing gigs in the Cavern from the age of 9. James has devoted his entire life to music, and listening to this new album it is clear that this is a man who has music running through his veins.

‘How Could We Be Wrong’ is a collection of thirteen songs, that combine acoustic, rock, and folk. The album opens with the title track which launches straight into lyrics sung with an immense amount of passion, the combination of fiddle and drums throughout the song ensures there is plenty here to keep the listener entertained. ‘Forever No More’ is a reflective ballad that will leave you longing for days gone by whilst 'Gone Away’ builds into a chorus that you will instantly be singing along to.

Each song on the album has been put together with a great deal of thought and attention by a musician who more than cares about the songs he creates. Further highlights include ‘Walk The Bridge’ which has a rather sombre feel to it, ensuring you concentrate on every word that is being sung. ‘Let Love Into Your Heart’ is a song so full of joy and excitement, ‘Silver and Gold’ a heartfelt tender moment that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible, ‘Once Upon A Time’ a traditional sounding folk song and 'Tomorrow’s Another Day’ which combines melodies and positive lyrics in such a passionate way.

The real greatness of ‘How Could We Be Wrong’ is that it is one of those albums that crosses generations of music. This is an album that will never sound dated.

Steve Tay

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