Celebration Rock

Released:4th June 2012
Label: Polyvinyl

Vancouver duo Japandroids return with the long awaited follow up to their 2009 debut ‘Post-Nothing’ and the news is good; it’s been worth the wait. Where the debut was a slice of scuzzy garage rock, this time… well nothings changed really, but it’s been finely tuned making each song sound like they're reaching for the sky.

After the first listen it’s clear that these are songs that will stick with you, it’s instantly familiar, like a friend you haven't seen for a long time but its not awkward.

The shear adrenaline rush that comes with every song will have you constantly coming back for more, and their cover of the Gun Club's ‘For the Love of the Ivy’ could trump the original with its jerky call and response cranked up to 11. Even the inclusion of ‘Younger Us’ which was originally released back in 2010, fits snugly into this tighter sound.

It ends as it starts with an explosion of fireworks and one things clear, Celebration Rock could not be a more apt name for this album. The songs are life affirming and will leave you with the warm sensation in the pit of your stomach.

I'll sign off with a line from opening track ‘The Nights of Wine and Roses’ and you'll get an idea of what you're in for: "Don't we have anything to live for? / well of corse we do but until it comes true / we're drinking and were still smoking"



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