The Joy Formidable
Wolf's Law

Released: 21st January 2013
Label: WEA International

Second albums are often described as being ‘difficult’, bands have all their lives to prepare for the release of their first album and, if the album succeeds, a huge expectation starts to appear for the follow up. There can be no denying there has been a great deal of expectation hanging over The Joy Formidable since the release of their debut album ‘The Big Roar’, an album which saw the band gaining wide spread plaudits including Dave Grohl and Muse, both of whom requested The Joy Formidable share a stage with them.

Listening to ‘Wolf’s Law’ it instantly becomes clear that any expectations did not phase The Joy Formidable. As with their debut album, this follow-up shows this is a band who are afraid of no one, they clearly have ambitions to take their music to the arenas, stadiums and festivals throughout the world and nothing is going to stand in their way.

As far as openings to an album go, you will be hard pushed all year to hear a better opening three songs. From the minute you press play on ‘Wolf’s Law’ you will instantly remember why you fell in love with this band in the first place, the songs come charging at you at 100mph, full of hooks, memorable choruses and powerful melodies that ensure these songs will be swirling around your head for a long time to come.

Highlights on this album? Well, there are far too many to mention. The opening three, ‘This Ladder Is Ours’, ‘Cholla’ and ‘Tendons’ can all lay claim to being highlights due to their sheer confidence and ambition. ‘Silent Treatment’ showcases a soft, tender side to the band, a song stripped back to an acoustic affair which allows Ritzy’s vocals to take on a dreamlike sound which will be sure to make you go all weak at the knees. ‘Maw Maw Song’ is absolutely bonkers, this track contains so many twists and turns, beats come flying at you from every corner, the change of pace throughout will leave you with no time whatsoever to catch you breath whilst ‘The Leopard and The Lung’ provides a quieter moment for the band, the sharing of vocals on this track between Ritzy and Rhydian is a truly beautiful moment. ‘The Turn Around’ brings the curtain down on this remarkable album in a perfect way, the combination of strings and passionate vocal delivery from Ritzy is a sound that you will remember for the rest of your life.

‘Wolf’s Law’ will see The Joy Formidable take the step up that they deserve, this is a band who will very soon be playing the arenas and stadiums in their own right.

Steve Tay

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