I Am Kloot
Let It All In

Released: 21st January 2013
Label: Shepherd Moon

‘Let It All In’ is the sixth album from Manchester band I Am Kloot, a band who for many years have been waiting patiently to achieve the success that their beautiful songs, full of reflection, sadness and regret deserve. That success finally came in 2010 with their Mercury nominated album ‘Sky At Night’ which saw the band's songs getting played across radio stations.

When, after years of waiting, a band finally begins to achieve success there is always the fear that the band will try and cash in on that success by writing pop music with no soul or meaning. Thankfully I Am Kloot have not taken that direction. For anyone who has been fans of I Am Kloot since their debut album ‘Natural History’ back in 2001, you will be pleased to hear that 'Let It All In' has ensured that the band retain their identity and everything that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

As with ‘Sky At Night’, 'Let It All In' has been produced by Guy Garvey which has given the band a tighter sound and helped to push John Bramwell even further as a songwriter. The album contains ten perfectly crafted songs which flow from one to another with perfection. The only down side is that the album seems to end all too soon and leaves you crying out for more.

To pick highlights from this album would not do it justice. ‘Let It All In’ truly is an album that you need to listen to from start to finish and indulge yourself in every graceful sound that emerges through your speakers.

Once again I Am Kloot have given us an album that to listen to a thousand times over.



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