Released: 25th March 2013
Label: Folkwit Records

‘Obituaries’ is the second album from Laish, a Brighton based five piece who will instantly appeal to fans of Grizzly Bear, Villagers and The Leisure Society. ‘Obituaries’ is a collection of songs which tell the story of love lost and found and betrayal. On first glance they may seem to be somewhat depressing themes for an album, however when the songs are put together with such tenderness, charm and joyful melodies you will certainly not feel sad whilst listening to this wonderful album.

This is an album that will have you gripped throughout, every sound that you hear feels that it has been created just for you. The combination of strings, percussion, vocal harmonies, clarinet and accordion have been arranged in such a beautiful way ensuring you will return to this album on a very regular basis.

Some of the highlights on the album include ‘Warm The Wind’ a love song that builds into an uplifting chorus which will be sure to leave you with a warm and happy feeling inside. ‘Visions’ is a song where every sound that is made has been carefully thought out, the warming vocals, sweet harmonies, guitar, percussion and even, what seems like, the sound of seagulls, all contributing to create a truly remarkable song that you want to share with the world. During the opening of 'Choice' you can hear the heartbreak in the vocals then, before you know it, you are hit with an uplifting melody that will make you want to get up and dance. ‘Obituaries’ is a captivating song that will have you hanging onto every word that is sung and the guitar playing throughout 'Discipline' is mesmerising.

‘Obituaries’ is quite simply an album that you all need in your music collection.

Steve Tay

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