Good Fortune, Bad Weather

Released: 21st May 2012
Outerworld Records

It’s probably quite hard to be a female singer/songwriter these days with everyone expecting you to be the next Adele or Lana Del Ray, so its great to find someone who can still sound so unique.

You may not have heard of Lettie but this is in fact her third album; the others being self released without promotion. Despite being a relative newcomer she's been in the business a while, including a session for Dermon O'Leary's Radio 2 show and as a special guest of Peter Murphy (Beuhaus) at the Electric Proms Introducing. All of this goes someway to describing how the songs are so well crafted and prove that she is a talented songwriter.

The albums has a distinctively 80's vibe but still maintains a contemporary feel, largely due to its modern subject matter, with the opening song being a bit of a dig at the reality TV music shows. All in all its a soothing lighthearted slice of electro-pop.

With tracks that are this accessible and with such pop sensibilities you cant help but feel it wont be too long before more people are talking about Lettie.


Mouth of the Cave

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