Levellers - Static on the Airwaves

The Levellers
Static on the Airwaves

Released: 25th June 2012
Label: On the Fiddle Recordings

‘Static On The Airwaves’ is the tenth studio album from Levellers, a band who have been together for over twenty years. After one listen to ‘Static On The Airwaves’ it becomes clear that this is a band who care as much now about their music as they did two decades ago.

Fans of the band will instantly fall in love with the album. I would also note that this is an album that could also serve as a great introduction.

Highlights on the album include ‘We Are All Gunmen’, which contains a great chorus giving the track an anthemic feel to it. The song contains a great lyric that instantly jumps out to the listener, “Sun rises on the village green, not digitized on a flat screen”. ‘Truth Is’ a song that contains that unmistakable Levellers sound. This is sure to be a firm favorite amongst fans. ‘After The Hurricane’ is a track that would sound perfect sat around the campfire looking out at the festival night sky. ‘Alone In The Darkness’ a thoughtful beautiful song that you never want to end. ‘Mutiny’ is a song that could only have been written by this great band. ‘The Recruiting Sergeant’ is destined to provide the perfect ending to live shows.

‘Static On The Airwaves’ is an album the sound of a band who quite simply love music and want to share it with the world, and for that we should be eternally grateful.

Steve Tay

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