Little Arrow
Wild Wishes

Released: 4th March 2013
Label: Bubblewrap Records

‘Wild Wishes’ is the second album from Pembrokeshire band Little Arrow, a band who in my opinion are one of the loveliest bands in the universe. The music Little Arrow records quite simply makes you feel so glad to be alive. As with their debut album ‘Music Masks and Poems’ this second album continues to conjure up images of wide open spaces, beautiful sunsets looking out to sea and not having a care in the world. For anyone familiar with Pembrokeshire, it is clear that Little Arrow have been influenced by their picturesque surroundings.

‘Our Taste Is Violence’ opens the album in a way that will leave you with no option but to instantly fall in love. The gentle acoustic guitar and harmonies will instantly occupy a warm and soothing place inside your head. ‘Oh Life’ continues with harmonies and vocals that come across in such a tender way and ‘State of You and Me’ is a wonderful song that will be sure to make you smile from ear to ear. From this point on you should be deeply immersed in this majestic album as the swirling melodies and harmonies continue to take your breath away.

Further highlights include ‘Earth Skin’, a perfectly crafted song that contains so many infectious harmonies and an enchanting vocal delivery that will ensure your attention remains firmly fixed through the seven minutes of this song. ‘Red Sky’ has been careful thought out ensuring this is a song that will instantly become a firm favourite for many.

I should really stop now before I continue to list every song as a highlight, which in fact it could. ‘Wild Wishes’ truly is one of those albums that you can listen to from start to finish and gain a great deal of pleasure from every graceful sound.

‘Wild Wishes’ is, quite simply, a must own album of 2013.

Steve Tay

Thomas Hine
Forgive My Future

Released: 4th Jan 2013

Released: 14th Jan 2013
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