Maz Totterdell

Released:28th May 2012
Label: Series 8

‘Sweep’ is the debut album from Maz Totterdell, a teenage sensation who has gained many fans amongst the DJ’s on both 6 Music and Radio 2.

‘Sweep’ is an album full of charm, sensitivity that instantly allows the listener to warm to the songs. Maz’s unique take on the traditional folk sound makes each song sound fresh and contemporary.

One of the most striking things on the album is the versatility of Maz’s voice; managing to sound experienced beyond her years, yet at the same time youthful.

Every song on this album could be held up as a highlight. ‘Counting My Fingers’ is a wonderful summery song that makes you want to sit in a field and watch the world go by. ‘Heart In Your Pocket’ and ‘Smile On Sunshine’ are two great feel good pop songs that deserve to be be play-listed on every radio station in the land. ‘Kaleidoscope’ contains a haunting melody and further highlights how versatile Maz’s vocals are. This track will simply take your breath away. ‘The Leaver’s Song’ is another moment of beauty with a very traditional folk feel to it.

The fact that Maz Totterdell has created such a creative and timeless album at such a young age really is something to behold.

Steve Tay

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