Released: 8th October 2012
Label: City Slang

Sometimes the departure of a founding member can spell disaster for a band, but luckily this isn't the case after Brent Knopf left, reducing them to a duo. Their fifth album finds them expanding on the controlled chaos of 2010s 'Mines' harnessing it into something that's as equally beautiful as it is genre defying.

The whole thing kicks off with 'Plumage' with its hand clapping leading into a gentle rocker with booming sax blasts before second track 'Capsule' comes lurching in with its fuzzy grungy opening. The whole album is full of energy despite its sometimes dark, lyrical tone all with a very Damon Albarn esque delivery, but musically it's a kaleidoscope of different styles segwaying into each other perfectly.

It's a quirky technicoloured gem that shows you only need one genius in a band to still make great music.


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