It's a Love

Released: 30th Apr 2012
Label: Smooth Exchange

Sometimes a song will implant itself in your head so strongly you will need a lump hammer to remove it. This is true of opening track ‘Alison’, with an insanely catchy pop hook that is destined to have you fall in love after the first listen. Its a bold move to start an album with such an overwhelmingly hooky track, that the rest of the album is already in jeopardy of being a little pale by comparison.

Fortunately this is not the case. Davina Lee's vocals are angelic throughout, at times as if harnessing the power of Karen O, especially on the grungy sounding ‘Come on’. There are a lot of different styles on display but they interweave beautifully, wether it’s the daft poppyness of single ‘bedbugs’ or the truly beautiful ‘Blue & Green’ or the album closer ‘This love’, each song has its own unique charm.

There is enough on offer here to appeal to everyone and its just a matter of time before more people will sit up and pay attention.



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