Of Monsters And Men
My Head Is An Animal

Released: 27th August 2012
Label: Universal Republic

Of Monsters And Men are already a household name in their native Iceland, now their debut album ‘My Head Is An Animal’ has arrived on these shores their success in their homeland is sure to be replicated in the UK.

Every so often we are lucky enough to come across an album that you instantly know is truly special. An album that will have a snowball effect, in that within a twelve month period you will hear these songs being used by advertising companies and TV shows. That is exactly the feeling I had listening to this incredible debut album by Of Monsters And Men. This is an album that pretty soon we will be hearing everywhere we go.

‘My Head Is An Animal’ is a collection of magical acoustic, folk songs that are just waiting to be unleashed upon the world. The combination of male and female vocals throughout the album is as perfect as it gets. The album consists of so many hooks, melodies, sing a long choruses that result in creatively crafted pop songs that mark the album out to be a contender for debut album of the year.

Highlights on the album include ‘King And Lionheart’ the alternating of vocals between Ragnar and Nanna is simply sublime. ‘Mountain Sound’ and ‘Little Talks’ have commercial success stamped all over them. ‘Slow And Steady’ is a soft ballad that will make you go all weak at the knees. ‘Six Weeks’ is a song that builds with great intensity. The vocals in ‘Lakehouse’ provide the perfect complement to the captivating acoustic guitar throughout the song.

Listening to this album, my only regret is that festival season in the UK is drawing to a close. This is an album made for the festival stage, the only thing we can do is wait with even greater excitement for Of Monsters and Men to grace our festivals in Summer 2013.

Steve Tay

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