The Bear's Revenge

Released: 16th July 2012
Label: Balling The Jack

‘The Bear’s Revenge’ is the second album from Moulettes, an exceptionally talented band whose members have previously worked with the likes of Seasick Steve, John Paul Jones, and Paul Heaton.

Moulettes are musicians who truly care about the songs they create. The album is very accomplished, complex and keeps the listener interested throughout. There are so many diverse sounds and vocal harmonies it’s difficult to be anything but amazed by this album.

‘Sing Unto Me’ kicks things off with enchanting vocals before exploding with energy, pace and rhythm. The combination of strings, percussion and harmonies throughout the song combine magically. ‘Country Joy’ brings exactly what you would expect from the title, the use of the fiddle in the song showcases the beauty of this instrument. ‘Uca’s Dance’ is a very dramatic song that leaves the listener focusing on every note played and every word sung.

Other highlights include ‘Someone Who You Love’, a seven and a half minute song that passes you by in the blink of an eye, the song is captivating from start to finish. ‘Half-Remembered Song’ with the vocals floating peacefully above the delicate and dramatic guitar playing. ‘Blood And Thunder’ is a song that gives this album the climatic and epic ending that it deserves.

‘The Bear’s Revenge’ is one of those albums that is a privilege to own, an album that allows you to dive deep into its soul and discover something new with every listen.

Steve Tay

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