Mount Moriah
Miracle Temple

Released: 18th March 2013
Label: Merge Records

We all know that feeling when you press play on an album for the first time and the music that starts coming through your speakers fills your room with such beauty that you have no option but to take a seat and to drift away with the sweet and elegant sounds that are floating all around you. That is exactly what happened when I pressed play on ‘Miracle Temple’, the second album by North Carolina band Mount Moriah.

‘Younger Days’ opens the album with a tender guitar and Heather McEntire’s soft vocals that will immediately hold your attention. The song is full of reflection and a realisation that escaping to the city is not always the answer “Big city lights, really got to be a drag”. ‘Bright Light’ takes the traditional country music influence yet manages to give it a very contemporary sound and the hypnotic guitar riffs throughout ‘Eureka Springs’ are the perfect companion to Heather’s timeless vocal delivery. ‘I Built A Town’ conveys real emotion and belief throughout the song, you believe every word that is sung throughout and that is something that just can’t be taught. When you hear a song and you believe it, those are the moments that music fans live for.

The album proceeds with one great song after another. Some of the many highlights include; ‘White Sands’ which builds in such a careful and planned way, ‘Connecticut to Carolina’ which will send shivers throughout your body and the soulful ‘Miracle Temple Holiness’. ‘Those Girls’ is a timeless song that will be sure to sweep you off your feet whilst ‘Telling The Hour’ is a compelling song that brings the curtain down on this album in a dramatic fashion.

‘Miracle Temple’ is an album that is destined to bring a great deal of enjoyment to many people's lives.

Steve Tay


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