Mutiny on the Bounty

Released: 3rd September 2012
Label: Best Before Records

Within the opening minute of Trials it's clear you're going to be in for a roller coaster of a ride. From opening track 'The Long Loud Silence' which clocks in at just under a minute and lulls you into a false sense of security before 'North Korea' crashes in with it's twisted proggy math rock riff. It's intense but in a melodic way, reminiscent of 'And So I Watch You From Afar...' and '65daysofstatic'.

These guys know their way around a great instrumental track but the album really steps up a notch when the vocals kick in on track 3 'Artifacts'. The vocal delivery is emo but not in the wet-fart emo sense that came to dominate the genre, more so in the vein of Omar Rodríguez-López's yelped delivery in At The Drive in. The songs themselves speed along with unrelenting energy and proficiency with all the spiky key changes and tempo shifts hypnotising you as you listen. 

Its an album that perfectly fuses musical styles seamlessly making for an enduring rewarding listen; like Foals but with bigger balls. It's and album that truly showcases their potential and deserves your attention.


Bloody Knives

Released: 30th July 2012
L'enfant Sauvage

Released: 25th June 2012
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