My Jerusalem

Released: 19th November 2012
Label: The End Records

‘Preachers’ is the second album from My Jerusalem, a band led by Jeff Klein whose previous bands include Gutter Twins and The Twilight Singers. Although being their second album this is a band that, until now, has not made it onto my musical radar.

There are some albums that instantly jump out at you and become a firm favourite in your collection whilst there are others that take time and effort to love. ‘Preachers’ falls into the latter category, that is not to take anything away from the album, it is one that quite simply needs to be given time and attention. Once you have given it your devotion I guarantee you will not be left disappointed.

Some of the highlights on this album include the opener ‘Preachers’, an incredibly compelling song with dark vocals and haunting sounds and ‘Born In The Belly’, a song full of powerful guitar riffs and passionate vocals. ‘Mono’ is a truly beautiful song tackling the subject of caring for someone, this song showcases a softer, tender side to the band. ‘Death Valley’ grabs hold of you with it's pounding drums whilst ‘Between Space’ is an atmospheric song that will send shivers down your spine. ‘Oh Little Sister’ gives the album an old rock 'n' roll feel to it and ‘I Left My Conscience In You’ is a track of two halves with a soft, beautiful first half building into an explosive ending.

‘Preachers’ is an album that is full of diversity, depth and substance that, if allowed to grow, will become one that you return to on many occasions.

Steve Tay

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