Niki and the Dove

Released: 11th May 2012
Label: Mercury Records

Swn Festival 2011 saw us being introduced to Niki and the Dove in the tiny upstairs room above O’Neils, with what was one of the performances of the festival. At the turn of the year the hype machine went into overdrive for this Scandinavian duo and now with the debut album upon us it’s time to see if all the hype is deserved.

This is an album full of summery, uplifting pop music. The British weather may not have woken up to summertime yet, but the music certainly has.

The album opens with ‘Tomorrow’ which introduces the beautiful, fragile vocals of Malin Dahlstrom. The track builds before launching into a perfect chorus that will have you smiling from ear to ear. ‘Drummer’ continues to enthrall, holding your attentions throughout. ‘In Our Eyes’ is a wonderful that drifts from verse to chorus along a beautiful melody.

The album continues with songs that will not leave anyone disappointed. ‘Mother Protect’ has a slightly darker, hypnotic feel that will have you focussing on every beat that is played out. ‘Last Night’ has such an atmospheric opening and the mysterious chorus “Last night we got married in a taxi”. ‘Somebody’ is another example of how to create a perfect summer pop song. By the time you get to closer ‘Under The Bridges’ you will wonder how you have survived so long without this album.

‘Instinct’ entirely deserves the hype and will be hanging around for a long time to come.

Steve Tay

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