Released: 7th May 2012
Label: Vice Records

For anyone who isn't already familiar with Keith Morris, he was the founding member of two of the most seminal punk bands ever, Black Flag and Circle Jerks. Morris returns with this, the latest offering from the punk ‘supergroup’ and after the fantastic ‘First Four EP’s’ you can pretty much guess what to expect.

Punching through 16 tracks in just over 15 minutes, each track is more pissed off than the last. This is the true sound of straight out punk rock, a real kick back to the early 80's right down to the familiar Raymond Pettibon artwork adorning the cover. But this isn't just a nostalgia trip as the songs on offer here are all big enough and ballsy enough to stand along side the earlier classic output.

It's a short album but it's all they need to get their point across. Off! are here to kick down your front door and make you pay attention!


Future of the Left
The Plot Against...

Released: 11th Jun 2012

Celebration Rock

Released: 4th Jun 2012

Best Behaviour

Released: 4th Jun 2012

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